About the Muzoracle

Muzoracle: the Tarot of Music is a tool for engaging the intuition and imagination through music. It was created by composer, recording artist, and musical intuitive Jeff Kingfisher, who casts the oracle with clients online, and at Philomusica, his studio in California’s Coachella Valley.

Casting the Muzoracle

Muzoracle castings differ from traditional Tarot readings in a few significant ways. First, the oracle itself contains dice as well as cards. Next, Muzoracle castings are based on, and actually engender, music; the meanings of the cards and dice arise from harmonies and musical concepts you can actually hear. Also, in contrast to most Tarot readings, Muzoracle castings are not predictive; they do not forecast the future. In fact, they’re not really “readings” at all; they’re guided sessions of intuitive self-counseling. The cards and dice are associated with keywords and phrases, abstract images, music... and the client, with Jeff’s guidance, finds a narrative within themselves that they find useful or helpful. Rather than leave a session with someone else's forecast, clients leave with something that belongs to them: the experience is empowering and insightful, as well as mystical and emotionally engaging.

Muzoracle castings can be followed, if desired, by Swenakailo, a private sound bath based on the client’s casting.

From Jeff's clients— 

... a true healer and a wonderful musician ... [a} collaborative story-telling journey that reaches deep into your being ... Amanda N. 

... cerebrally innovative, emotionally cathartic, and spiritually inspiring ... Brian S. 

... a kind, compassionate, and very talented provider ...  Barbara B. 

... a wonderfully caring person with a soothing voice  ... for seekers of solace and guidance, I highly recommend Jeff & Muzoracle ... Ian D. 

... the most amazing and unique reading I have ever had... James B.

Fee Schedule

Online Muzoracle casting (30-45 minutes): $34 In Person Muzoracle Casting (30-45 minutes): $55 Swenakailo Session (90 minutes): $89

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