Welcome to the Philomusica Center
for Music and the Healing Arts.

The Philomusica Center for Music and the Healing Arts is a peaceful oasis in Palm Desert, with an emphasis on healing modalities related to music. Founded by composer, recording artist, and musical intuitive Jeff Kingfisher, Philomusica is a hidden gem nestled in an area of industrial and gallery spaces, and is currently home to three distinct studios: Kingfisher's Port Seven; sound healer Mark Accomando's Sacred Vibes; and Sanctorium, a intimate space for group meditations and meetings. 

The Philomusica Center for
Music and the Healing Arts

41-701 Corporate Way #5
Palm Desert, CA 92211

(323) 600-5343

At Port Seven:

Jeff Kingfisher

J S Kingfisher—Jeff— is a composer, recording artist, musical intuitive, and educator. He is the creator of Muzoracle: the Tarot of Music , a music-based, intuitive counseling tool. At Port Seven, he offers Muzoracle sessions—called castings—and Swenakailo , a unique, immersive musical experience that integrates with Muzoracle castings and Reiki healing techniques. 

Muzoracle castings engender actual music, which Jeff plays—your reading has an underscore—and tend to be more creative than predictive: the experience is empowering and magical. Swenakailo, which begins with Muzoracle casting, immerses clients in a one-of-a-kind music bath composed just for them, with Jeff singing and playing custom-tuned quartz crystal instruments, drums, and electronics; it’s a deeply affecting and highly musical journey.  

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Mark Accomando is a sound healer, counselor, and an ordained senior minister for the Centers for Spiritual Living. At Sacred Vibes, he offers mind/body/spirit alignment, Pranayama Breathwork, harmonic sound healing and chakra balancing, and intentional, guided meditations. 

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At Sacred Vibes:

Mark Accomando

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