Muzoracle Casting with J S Kingfisher

Jeff Kingfisher’s Muzoracle is a tool for engaging the intuition and imagination through music. It is somewhat of a musical cross between Tarot and the I Ching; it consists of an 89-card deck, twelve 12-sided Solfège Dice (marked with do, re, mi, etc.) and one 12-sided Musician’s Die (marked with musical pitches.) The cards and dice, in addition to having meaning, also generate music: Muzoracle readings—called “castings”—include a musical score.


Muzoracle castings differ from traditional Tarot readings in a few significant ways. First, they are not fortune-telling. The Muzoracle system is predicated on the notion that the future is not fixed, but a malleable product of the past and present; and to the degree we can alter our present circumstances and behaviors, we can shape a future in line with our intents and aims. That being said, it can be difficult to fully see the present, and to be clear about just what our intents and aims are. The music and elements of story the Muzoracle presents engage the intuition and imagination, and provoke us to see things in a way we normally wouldn’t; they don’t forecast doom. And the intuition and imagination engaged is not the reader’s, not Jeff’s—it’s yours. Jeff is the translator, the tour guide—the journey belongs to you, and it’s a creative and empowering one.


Jeff casts the Muzoracle with clients in his studio at Philomusica, at clients' homes, and via Skype. To schedule a casting with Jeff, please dial the number at right, or email him here.


Study the Muzoracle with its Creator

Jeff offers private instruction on using the Muzoracle system at Philomusica, in clients' homes, and via Skype. Private Muzoracle study with Jeff is a great way to deepen your experience and make your castings more effective. Each course of study is tailored to the student: traditional Tarot readers, musicians and composers, complete novices, and intuitives of all stripes are welcome.